About the Videographer


​Media Producer, Videographer, Photographer

Wai Peng loves expressing her ideas through motion video, still photographs and the written word. She started as a photographer creating artistic photography celebrating life, and later developed a love for the moving picture which she can also add sound. Thus, combining the use of pictures, film and written word, she builds compelling narratives that helps ideas take flight and moves audience. The story can be about an idea, a moment, a person, a couple, a community, a company or a nation. She loves fun plates, big canvas prints, and views life as fleeting moments that come and go. Through these moments, we develop ourselves to be stronger and wiser.

Since 2004, she has been producing commercial images, executive portraits and high energy videos for companies and statutory boards. She won the First Prize in the WOMAD video creation contest organised by the British Council in 2004, titled 'Signs' - a video installation fusing photographs and words.

Contact details:

Handphone: +65 9693 5299

Email: ahpengpeng@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://sg.linkedin.com/in/wai-peng-chan

It was a memorable experience when I travelled to Sihanoukville Cambodia in 2015 to document the sanitary conditions for a crowdfunding project. With me was the translator (in green).